The Venice Production Bridge continues to work as in the past years throughout the entire 77.Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica (September 2 - 12 ) at Hotel Excelsior, Hotel des Bains and on the VR Island, offering many services to our guests.

Services can be requested by Gold or Trade Accreditation holders only, by using their own accreditation code. The typology of accreditation is given according to the professional category as indicated in the Industry Accreditation regulations.

Services must be requested through the online Industry Services Form by Monday 3rd August.



The Venice Production Bridge offers to accredited producers and distributors Online VPB Market Screening that will be organized for the entire duration of the Venice Production Birdge through Festival Scope Pro (, the B2B internet platform for film professionals. An individual password will be sent by Festival Scope Pro to the Industry Gold and Trade accreditation pass holders having the rights to view the registered titles.

There are three typologies of VPB Market Screenings (upon acceptance of the VPB Office):
- Public screening only for titles selected for the 77th VIFF: available only to those titles that already officially premiered during the 77th VIFF. The access is reserved to Gold and Trade Accreditation pass holders only.
- Private screening only for titles selected for the 77th VIFF: the access is reserved to Industry Gold and Trade pass holders, specifically invited by the company in charge of sales. The company must send the list of the invited guest to VPB Office one week before the screening.
- Public or Private screening for titles not in the Official Selection: the access is reserved to Industry Gold or Trade pass holders.

Films submitted to the VPB Market Screenings must be produced starting from January 1st 2020.

Feature films: € 300/hour
Short films < 30 min: € 200



The 77th Venice International Film Festival offers to Industry Gold and Trade participants an individual password to access the Digital Video Library to view films from the official selection and titles submitted through the Venice Production Bridge. The Digital Video Library will be available for the entire duration of the Festival on the B2B internet platform Festival Scope.

All Industry Gold and Trade accreditation holders can submit films to the Digital Video Library, respecting the copyright of all interested parties. Films must be produced  from 8th September 2019.

1 Film ≤ 30 min: € 100
1 Film > 30 min: € 200
From 2nd Film > 30 min: € 150



The Venice Production Bridge offers all Industry Gold and Trade accreditation holders many promotional opportunities such as ads  in the VPB materials as well as signposting and spots on screen in the VPB areas, for the entire duration of the Festival.

1) Totem 100 cm x 200 cm: € 1.500

2) Advertising color pages in the VPB Programme (except cover and back cover):
- Inside full page: € 1.500
- Inside half page: € 800
- Inside  ¼ page: € 400

3) AD Screen Saver on the VPB Live Channel of the Venice Production Bridge website € 2.000 

4) AD in the VPB Newsletter

Before Festival: VPB Industry Contact List Newsletter: €250

During the Festival: VPB Industry Delegates Newsletter: €350

5) Spots on screen in the Exhibition Areas, 3 to 5 min x 15 times x 10 days: € 1.500



The Venice Production Bridge offers opportunities of exhibition spaces in the unique venues of the Hotel Excelsior and the VR Market on the VR Island.

Table at the Industry Gold Club (only for Gold accreditation holders): € 500
Table at the Book Adaptation Rights Market (only for BARM 2020 publishers): € 500



The Event Area Spazio Incontri at the Hotel Excelsior is available to host national and international panels and discussions covering all aspects of the film industry.

Four private terraces are also available for cocktails and events in the same locations: Terrazza dei Limoni and Terrazza dei Fiori on the third floor of Hotel Excelsior.

Spazio Incontri (min 50 seats* / up to 2 hours): € 800 (without streaming service on the VPB Website), UPON QUOTATION (with streaming service on the VPB Website)
Rental of terrace for cocktail or event (up to 1 h 30): € 900

*  Due to the current health crisis the current capacity refelcts the minimum amount of seats. In case of any increase in room capacity the VPB Office will get in touch with you.