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Final Cut in Venice

Tuesday, 8 September 2020 - 09:30 to 18:00
VPB Zoom Room and Festival Scope Pro
Gold, Trade and Online VPB accreditations only

8th edition of the workshop, which supports the completion of films from African countries, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria.

Screening, through Festival Scope Pro. Presentation and Q&A through VPB Zoom Room

09:30  SOULA  (Algeria, France) 89' DIRECTOR Salah Issaad PRODUCTION Salah Issaad (Issaad Film Productions)  + Q&A

11:45 AL KHAYAR /  OUR CHOICES (Syria, France, Qatar) 120' DIRECTOR Salah Al Ashkar PRODUCTION Etienne de Ricaud (Caractères Productions)  + Q&A 

15:30 JANA /  HARVEST (France, Lebanon,  Belgium, Qatar, USA) 101' DIRECTOR Ely Dagher  PRODUCTION Arnaud Dommerc (Andolfi)  + Q&A