Come, Collaborate with India

04 September 2022 - 09:30 to 11:15
Venice Immersive Island, VPB Meeting Room
By invitation only

Introduction: Pascal Diot (Head of Venice Production Bridge).

India has signed bilateral treaties to promote audio-visual co-productions with fifteen countries, including Italy. Such co-production treaties enable collaborations between filmmakers between two countries and create an impetus for film production. Furthermore, given that India now has an incentive scheme, that reimburses 30% of the expenditure in India for Official Coproductions, the idea is to explore how can there be greater collaborations with those who have signed a treaty and explore ways of initiating a dialogue with those who may be keen to officially enter into a treaty, with India. Mr. Ravinder Bhakar, Managing Director NFDC and Mr. Bobby Bedi, veteran Film Producer shall address the session seeking a dialogue with the Film Commissions present. 

Hosted by National Film Development Corporation India (NFDC)

Venice Immersive Island, VPB Meeting Room