The Environmental impacts of Immersive Content: A carbon footprint report for Okawari (2022) and Umami (2018)

02 September 2022 - 14:30 to 15:45
Venice Immersive Island, Spazio Incontri Immersivo
Accreditations and Immersive pass holders

Panelists: Landia EGAL (Founder, Tiny Planets), Marie-Véronique GAUDUCHON (Environmental impacts engineer, Coopérative Carbone), Amaury La Burthe (CEO and Creative Director, Novelab)

Okawari is both an immersive experience and a research project which aims to assess the overall environmental impacts associated with the design, creation, production and distribution of a virtual reality experience. With Okawari, we experiment with new ways of creating and distributing an immersive experience with the aim of reducing its environmental impacts as much as possible. One of the decisions we made was to upcycle 3D assets from a previous experience, Umami (2018). With this presentation, we invite you to discover the first stage of this research and the complete carbon footprint of Okawari and Umami. We will also present the next steps and we can discuss opportunities for collaboration to address some of the great challenges of our century!

Hosted by La Biennale di Venezia

Venice Immersive Island, Spazio Incontri Immersivo