Quo Vadis, LUX?

04 September 2022 - 14:00 to 16:00
Venice Immersive Island, VPB Meeting Room
By invitation only

The LUX Audience Award completed its second season in its current format. The winner is chosen by both the audience and the Members of the European Parliament, making it one of the biggest audience awards in the world. The European Parliament and the European Film Academy, in partnership with the European Commission and Europa Cinemas, strive to support and raise the visibility of European cinema by making the nominated films more accessible across the EU.

Taking its name from 2022’s winner, the goal of this stakeholder roundtable is to evaluate the LUX Award and announce upcoming news for the 2023 edition. Attendees will get feedback from those involved in the Award, from distributors to exhibitors, and will discuss recommendations on how to improve involvement across the distribution chain. The LUX Audience Award is an open and evolving concept that welcomes improvements in its mission to popularise and attract new audiences to the cinema.

Hosted by European Parliament and Lux Audience Award.


Venice Immersive Island, VPB Meeting Room