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ANICA - SPECIAL EVENT - Italy: Europe’s Audiovisual Bridge between USA, China and Japan

10.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.
Sunday, 1 September 2019 - 10:30 to 16:30
Excelsior Hotel / Sala Stucchi

Europe at the Cutting Edge of Audiovisual Innovation - How the AV Sector Can Thrive Through Diversity and Smart Regulation

Opening speech: Senator Lucia Borgonzoni (Secretary of State of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities - MiBAC)  

 Introductions: Roberto Stabile  (Head of International Department of ANICA and ITA Audiovisual Desks Coordinator)

Keynote speeches: Francesco Rutelli (President of ANICA), Charles H. Rivkin (Chairman and CEO of MPAA), Giancarlo Leone (President of APA)

Setting the scene: Roberto Viola (Director-General of DG CONNECT of the European Commission)

PROMOTING: Licensing Opportunities in a Europe of Many Services

Panelists: Michael Ryan (Partner GFM Films and Chairperson of IFTA), Brian Pearson (Netflix's Vice President of EMEA Co-Productions and Acquisitions), Paolo Del Brocco (CEO of RAI Cinema), Ciro Scala (Content Director of CHILI)

Moderator: Marco Chimenz (Co-CEO of CATTLEYA and Italian Delegate to EPC)

PROTECTING: Safeguarding and Enforcing Rights Online Post-DSM

Panelists: Giuseppe Abbamonte (Director for Media Policy of DG Connect at the European Commission), Charlotte Lund Thomsen (Legal Counsel to FIAPF and IVF), Andrea Purgatori (SIAE Board Member, WDW Writers and Directors Worldwide Vice President - 100Autori), Carolina Lorenzon (Director of International Affairs of Mediaset), Ernesto APA (Digital/Media Lawyer, Partner of Portolano Cavallo)

Moderator: Stan McCoy  (President and Managing Director of MPA EMEA)

Conclusion: Michele Geraci (Secretary of State at the Italian Ministry of Economic Development - MISE)




 14:30 – 16:30 

Italy, China, Japan, USA: Case Studies Global Production and Distribution - Different Cultures, Different Models, Same Mission? How to Entertain, Inspire and Minimize the Risk of Showbiz 

Introductions: Roberto Stabile  (Head of International Department of ANICA and ITA Audiovisual Desks Coordinator) 

Opening Remarks: Charles H. Rivkin (Chairman and CEO of MPAA) 

Keynote speeches: Mario Turetta (Director General for Cinema of MiBAC), Yasushi Shiina (Vice President of UNIJAPAN and CEO  of TIFFCOM), Liu Chun (President  of China Film Co-Production Corporation)  Case studies in International Co-Productions and Distribution 

Panelists: Takeo Kodera (General Manager of International Operations at Kadokawa), Miao Xiaotian (Producer), Francesca Cima (Producer of Indigo Film and President of Anica Producers’ Division)  The Legal Framework for International Co-Productions 

Panelists: Maria Giuseppina Troccoli (Head of Cinema and Audiovisual Department – DG Cinema of MiBAC), Ted Shapiro (Partner and Head of Brussels office, Wiggin LLP), Federico Antonelli (Legal Affairs Counsellor - Embassy of Italy to PRC)  

Moderator: Michael C. Ellis  (President and Managing Director of the Asia-Pacific Region for MPA)

Hosted by ANICA