Venice Production Bridge





Fifth edition (September 3rd – 8th 2020)



Every year, the Venice Production Bridge is an unavoidable rendezvous among the cinema, audiovisual and VR  professionals involved in production, distribution and broadcasting. The ongoing success is not only confirmed by the increasing numbers (more than 2,700 accredited professionals during the fourth edition), but also by an enthusiastic feedback from all participants.

The 5th edition of the Venice Production Bridge, organized by La Biennale di Venezia, will be held from September 3rd to September 8th on the third floor of the Excelsior Hotel of the Lido di Venezia, on the VR Island and at the Hotel des Bains, during the 77th Venice International Film Festival (September 2nd – 12th).

Confirming its worldwide uniqueness, the Venice Production Bridge will propose the following events:
  • Venice Gap Financing Market (Sept 4 – Sept 6): The number of international projects will be up to 45 and will  include the Biennale College Cinema and Biennale College Cinema Virtual Reality projects. During 3 days, the VGFM offers to the producers of feature films and documentaries, Interactive and VR projects the possibility to encounter financiers through 30-minute one-to-one meetings.
  • Final Cut in Venice (Sept 5- Sept 7): The eighth edition of this workshop will present a limited number of quality rough cuts coming from all African countries, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon and will give them the opportunity of finding the post-production financing through our partners and the participants.
  • Book Adaptation Rights Market (Sept 4 - Sept 6): 25 International publishers will propose the adaptation rights of their works (novels, essays, graphic novels, children literature…) through one-to-one meetings with producers.
  • Venice VR Market (Sept 3 – Sept 8): A unique opportunity to anyone connected with VR to promote their technologies, to sell and buy, to discuss and to network with VR professionals.
  • VPB Market Screenings (Sept 3 – Sept 8): 4 Market Screenings rooms are available to sales agents and producers in order to present their films or to add more screenings to their selected films.
  • European Film Forum (Sept 5 - Sept 6): In association with the EU Media program, La Biennale will organize the fifth edition of the EFF with new themes and as last year with the coming of European Commissioner and key industry leaders. This unique rendezvous is now on all professionals’ agendas.

The Venice Production Bridge will offer traditional services such as the  Digital Video Library, the Industry Gold Club, the Exhibition Areas, a Business Centre, and numerous international panels and networking events.

Submissions to the Venice Gap-Financing Market will be open from February 17th to April 30th, 2020.
Submissions to Final Cut in Venice will be open from April 1st to June 12th, 2020.


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