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What Will Drive the Future of Cultural Content?

Monday, 7 September 2020 - 09:00 to 11:00
Spazio Incontri (Hotel Excelsior) and VPB Live Channel
In-person open to industry delegates, online open to all

What Will Drive the Future of Cultural Content?

Moderator: C.F. HU / President of Taiwan Creative Content Agency

Part I. Content Creation

1, Liz Rosenthal / Venice VR, Venice International Film Festival Consultant

2, John HSU / Director of VR film《Great Hoax-The Moon Landing》

3, Chi-Chung TANG / Director of VR film《The Sick Rose》

4, Chih-Yen HSU / Director of VR film《JIOU JIA Home》

Part II. Technology Application


1, Ethan TU / Founder of Taiwan AI Labs

2, Shou-Jung PENG / Technical Director, Service Systems Technology Center, ITRI

3, Chloé Jarry / CEO & Executive producer of Lucid Realties

Part III. Industry Ecosystem


1, Jimmy CHENG / Content Director of Digital Domain

2, Sting TAO / President of XRSPACE

3, Peggy SHAW / Deputy Director of Taiwan Mobile and head of myVideo


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