Industry Gold Club

The Industry Gold Club, located in the foyer of the 3rd floor of the Excelsior Hotel, is one of the many traditional services of the Venice Production Bridge. The area, reserved for Industry Gold pass holders, is one of the key networking spaces in the Venice Film Festival.

The Industry Gold Club is equipped with an Information desk, free Internet and Wi-Fi access, a quiet and comfortable meeting area, coffee break organized daily by the Festival, exhibition tables from the Industry’s leading companies, and opportunity to book one-on-one meetings with Venice Production Bridge consultant Katriel Schory.

The Schedule for the Exhibition area of the Industry Gold Club is as follows:

Fetisoff Illusion – August 31st to September 5th

Fetisoff Illusion - Europe E is a production company and its headquartered is in Cyprus. The company produces feature films, series and other kinds of entertainment.

Rai Com – August 31st to September 5th

Rai Com is RAI’s exclusive worldwide distribution company. With its international sales division, Rai Com I content catalogue includes over 1,800 titles with more than 500 feature films and 4,000 hours of TV programming: series, movies, documentaries.

Eurimages – August 31st to September 8th

Established in 1988 as a cultural support fund of the Council of Europe, Eurimages promotes independent filmmaking by providing financial support to feature-length fiction, animation and documentary films

Italian Film Commission August 31st to September 4th

IFC Italian Film Commissions associates 19 Film Commissions. It promotes the Italian Film Commission system that provides Regional Funds for a total amount of 52ML, dedicated to support national and international productions.

China International Television Corporation August 31st to September 3rd

CITVC has created and produced a large number of films, documentaries, TV series, variety shows, animations and other TV programs. We hope to find suitable topics to co-produce new film projects with various media organizations and have interactive exchanges.

Media Desk September 3rd  from 3pm to 5pm

Creative Europe Desk Media Italia provides advice, support and information on the Media Sub-Programme of Creative Europe, the European funding support programme for the audiovisual industries.   

Cinemachile  August 31st to September 4th   

Cinemachile is the international promotion agency that carries the sectoral brand of Chilean audiovisual industry: cinema, television, fiction, documentary, animation and virtual reality are our raw materials of work. Our job is to present them to the world.       



Dates: September 2 and 3

Times: 10:00 – 13:00 / 15:00 – 18:00

Duration: Meetings will last 30 minutes

How to attend? You can walk in or pre-book by sending an email to, indicating your preferred day and time.

In the realm of cinematic creativity, Katriel Schory stands as a luminary figure, blending the roles of a seasoned Producer and a venerable Senior Consultant in the field of International Co-Productions.

Filmmakers participating in this year's Venice Production Bridge will have the invaluable opportunity to engage in one-on-one meetings with Katriel and to delve into a wide array of topics and issues that they would like to raise and discuss.  Katriel will be able to provide profound advice, insights and inspiration.

These one-to-one meetings may encompass the following subjects:

•          How to introduce a new project to the global stage;

•          Producer-Director relations and fostering collaboration;

•          Career strategy;

•          Company strategy;

•          Insight into the way the international film industry works;

•          Mastering the art of tailoring project presentations to resonate uniquely with different funders.

Furthermore, any other subject or issue that filmmakers themselves wish to explore.

Biographical details:

Katriel Schory studied at NYU Film School. From 1974 to 1999, he held the mantle of Founder and Managing Director at BELFILMS LTD., at that time the leading production company in Israel, where over 150 films and television programmes were produced under his guidance, including many international co-productions.

With the dawning of the new century, Katriel assumed the esteemed role of Executive Director at the Israel Film Fund. For two impactful decades spanning from 1999 to 2019, Katriel wielded his great skills to endorse and elevate the creation of more than 300 full-length feature films, both within Israel and on the global stage. Many of the films he championed won prestigious awards, with no less than 4 Oscar nominations, and wins of Golden and Silver Lions at the Venice International Film Festival and Bears at Berlinale.

Katriel continues to serve as Senior Consultant to the Programming Department of the Israeli public television.

He is the recipient of the Chevalier de l'ordre des Arts et des Lettres; Berlinale Kamera for Outstanding Contribution to the Film Industry; Telluride Film Festival-Special Medallion; The VARIETY Award for Creative Impact.

He has been called upon to serve on juries at distinguished festivals such as Venice, San Sebastian, Locarno, Istanbul, Sarajevo, and more.