European and International VOD/SVOD platforms and companies attending Meet the Streamers will be able to propose their services to accredited (Gold or Trade pass-holders) international distributors, rights holders and AV professionals.

The Venice Production Bridge  fosters the development and production of worldwide projects across a range of audio-visual forms and has developed into an innovative and ambitious film market, with a forward thinking approach and embracing new mediums and formats.

Venice has always welcomed streaming platforms and we have given a new title to one of our major events "Meet the Streamers" (September 1-2), dedicated to key SVOD / VOD platforms, including specific panels and in-person one-to-one meetings during which Streamers from all around the world will be able to propose their services to producers, distributors, rights holders and AV professionals.

Around 10 selected European and International SVOD/VOD streaming platforms will participate in our programme this year which will be focusing on international co-productions between platforms and independent producers.

Professionals will be able to request one-to-one meetings with the selected platforms through through a dedicated area of the VPB website. The VPB team will assist you in organizing your one-to-one meetings through the VPB platform.

In order to participate, all you need is to submit a request for an Industry Gold or Trade accreditation that will give you access to the private area of the VPB website to request the one-to-one meetings that will be soon available HERE.