Venice Production Bridge (September 1 - 6)

The Venice Production Bridge (VPB) is an essential and successful rendezvous among the cinema, audiovisual and VR professionals.

Even if the essence and specificity of the VPB is, from year one, to focus on production and to make available a wide range of services, projects and networking events to producers, this unique VPB platform allows all producers to meet financiers, co-producers, private and public funds and institutions, distributors, sales agents, publishers, broadcasters and streaming platforms, VFX and post-production companies... in dedicated spaces and venues.
The complete chain of production is offered to them: from the idea and I.P. [Book Adaptation Rights Market (BARM)] to the financial completion of their projects [Venice Gap Financing Market (VGFM) and Venice Immersive Market (VIM)], from work-in-progress screenings with a financial or in kind support [Final Cut in Venice (FCV)] to the sales and distribution [Market Screenings and Digital Video Library] or the broadcasting [VOD Market Days].

All these activities, as well as social events, a European Country Focus and a non-European Country Focus, dedicated panels and the Europe in Focus organised in association with the European Commission and Creative Europe Media program, are conceived in order to increase business-to-business exchanges among European and International professionnals. The Venice Production Bridge will take place from September 1 to September 6, 2022 on the third floor of the Excelsior of the Lido di Venezia and on the Venice Immersive Island for all immersive activities (Lazzaretto Vecchio) and during the 79th Venice International Film Festival which will this year celebrate its 90th anniversary

Venice Gap-Financing Market (September 2 – 4)
More than 60 international projects including Biennale College Cinema and BCC Virtual Reality projects are presented during this 3-day co-production market. The VGFM offers to the producers of long features (fiction, animation and documentary) and Immersive projects the possibility to encounter financiers and professionals through 30-minute one-to-one meetings.
Book Adaptation Rights Market (September 2 – 4)
Through one-to-one meetings 33 international publishers present their entire catalogue to the producers and discuss about the adaptation rights of their works (novels, essays, graphic novels, children literature…).
Final Cut in Venice (September 3 – 5)
This workshop presents 8 quality rough cuts coming from all African countries, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon and gives them the opportunity to complete their post-production financing through our partners and the participants. More than € 720.000 in cash or in-kind prizes have been distributed in 9 years to 52 films.

Venice Immersive Market (September 1 – 6)

An entire island dedicated to Immersive projects and films including XR/VR/AR with specific exhibitors, institutions, panels, stand-ups, installations. A new Immersive World located on the Venice Immersive Island (Lazzaretto Vecchio).

VPB Market Screenings (September 1 – 6)

All Industry Gold and Trade accreditation holders can submit to the VPB Market Screenings films produced starting from January 1st 2022, respecting the copyright of all interested parties. It is also possible to organize private screenings for selected buyers. All films must be submitted through the Industry Services Form.

VOD Market Day (September 5)

The VPB organizes a SVOD / VOD market including specific panels and in-person one-to-one meetings during which European and International VOD platforms and companies are able to propose their services to international distributors, rights holders and AV professionals.


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