ICFF in Venice 2023: Empowering New Collaborations Between Italy and Canada

02 September 2023 - 11:30 to 13:00
Hotel Excelsior, Spazio Incontri
Accreditations and public
Hosted by ICFF with the collaboration of Québec Créatif SODEC

Moderators: Cristiano de Florentiis (Artistic Director, ICFF) and Paul Golini (Chair of the Board, ICFF)

  • Elissa Golberg (Ambassador of Canada to Italy), 
  • Roberto Stabile (Head Special Projects DGCA Min.Culture, Cinecittà), 
  • Nick Iannelli (EVP Post Production, Take 5 Productions), 
  • Andrea Iervolino (Producer, ILBE), 
  • Alfredo Romano (Producer, Compulsion),
  • Moira Romano (Producer, Compulsion), 
  • Robert Curtin (Partner, Combined Forces Production Collaborative),
  • Karen Storwick (Partner, Combined Forces Production Collaborative), 
  • Frieda Luk (Writer-Director, Sacred Creatures), 
  • Marco Serrecchia (Producer, Sacred Creatures),
  • Raha Shirazi (Executive Producer, Sacred Creatures),
  • Antonello Cozzolino (Producer, Attraction Images),
  • Emanuela Rossi (Producer and Management Director, Agidi)
Hotel Excelsior, Spazio Incontri