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The 3-day Venice Gap-Financing Market will present 50 selected projects, plus an additional 11 Biennale College Cinema projects,   from around the world in the final stages of development and funding.

Almost 320 project applications have been received and the selection reflects the great diversity of backgrounds, stories and talents, aesthetics, genres and budgets of the projects submitted for consideration.
The 3-day Venice Gap-Financing Market will present 50 selected projects, plus an additional 11 Biennale College Cinema projects,   from around the world in the final stages of development and funding.

The selection is divided as follows:

·       34 feature-length Fiction Film and Documentary projects (incl. 6 VPB Focus projects)

·       16 Immersive projects (incl. 4 VPB Focus projects)

·       8 Biennale College Cinema - Immersive projects

·       3 Biennale College Cinema projects

This year, the Venice Production Bridge is celebrating the 11th edition of the Venice Gap-Financing Market. We are proud that this co-production market has progressively gained importance to become one of the key events for the Film and Immersive industries.

In 2024 the VPB Focuses will be Luxembourg & Wallonia-Brussels, supported by Film Fund Luxembourg and Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel, and Japan, supported by JETRO.



- Fiction Films: 27 projects for feature-length fiction films (19 from Europe and 8 from around the world), that need to complete their funding package with minority shares in co-production, having at least 70% of the funding in place.

- Documentaries: 7 projects (4 from Europe and 3 from around the world) for narrative or creative documentaries (fulfilling the same requirements as the fiction films above).

Projects from Luxembourg & Wallonia-Brussels and Japan, the VPB Focuses 2024, are included in this line-up.

  1. A SWEETNESS FROM NOWHERE documentary (Sweden, Norway) by Ester M. Bergsmark, Garagefilm International
  2. AMA fiction (Luxembourg, France, Japan) by Yuki Kawamura, Les Films Fauves, Good Fortune Films, Flag Pictures – Focus on Luxembourg
  3. AMOEBA fiction (Singapore, The Netherlands, France, Spain) by Siyou Tan, Akanga Film Asia
  4. BECOMING EMA documentary (Denmark, Spain, Slovakia) by Patricia Drati,
    Good Company Pictures
  5. BETTER CLASS fiction (Spain) by Victor García León, Buenapinta Media
  6. BLACK WATER fiction (Poland, Finland, Estonia) by Aga Woszczyńska, Lava Films
  7. CUBA & ALASKA documentary (Ukraine, France, Belgium) by Yegor Troyanovsky, 2Brave Productions, TAG Film
  8. DEATH HAS NO MASTER fiction (Venezuela, Canada, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Spain) by Jorge Thielen Armand, Volos Films Italia, La Faena Films
  9. DENGUE fiction (India, France, The Netherlands) by Prantik Basu, Riverine Films, Jba Production, The Film Kitchen
  10. DEVOLUTION fiction (Belgium, Italy, Poland) by Nicolas Boucart, Tarantula Belgique – Focus on Wallonia - Brussels
  11. DUST fiction (Belgium, Greece, Poland, United Kingdom) by Anke Blondé, A Private View bv
  12. GLOBAL PROJECT fiction (Portugal, Luxembourg) by Ivo M. Ferreira, O Som e a Fúria, Tarantula Luxembourg
  13. GOLEM fiction/animation (Czech Republic, France, Slovakia) by Jiří Barta, Hausboot
  14. IF I SEE A RAINBOW fiction (China, France) by Zhao Hao, Good Time Films
  15. IN ALASKA fiction (The Netherlands, Canada) by Jaap Van Heusden and Vinnie Karetak, Ijswater Films
  16. JEALOUS WHITE MEN fiction (Argentina, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Germany) by Ivan Granovsky, Frutacine, O Som e a Fúria, Ring Film, Biônica Filmes, Pandora Film
  17. LA BALEINE fiction (France, Spain, Belgium) by Sylvère Petit, Les Films d’Ici Méditerranée
  18. LAST NIGHT I CONQUERED THE CITY OF THEBES fiction (Spain, Portugal) by Gabriel Azorín, DVEIN Films
  19. LEGÍTIMA fiction (Mexico) by Elisa Miller, Pimienta Films
  20. LOVE BEFORE SUNRISE fiction (Taiwan, Japan) by Chen-Ti KUO, A Thousand Tree Films / J&K Entertainment Inc.
  21. MARIE & JOLIE fiction (France, Tunisia, Qatar) by Erige Sehiri, Maneki Films, Henia Production
  22. MOVIE  KINTSUGI (WT) documentary (Japan, Germany) by Eva Knopf, Trixta Ltd, Amerikafilm GmbH – Focus on Japan
  23. NO GOOD MEN fiction (Germany,  France, Norway, Denmark) by Shahrbanoo Sadat, Adomeit Film Gmbh
  24. THE BLOOD COUNTESS fiction (Austria, Luxembourg, Germany) by Ulrike Ottinger, Amour Fou Vienna – Focus on Luxembourg
  25. THE GOOD LIFE fiction (United Kingdom) by Matt Winn, Funny Peculiar Ltd.
  26. THE ISLE OF THE DEMOISELLE fiction (Belgium, France) by Micha Wald, Stenola Productions – Focus on Wallonia - Brussels
  27. THE LIFE OF SIMON JASHI fiction (Georgia, France, Lithuania) by Dmitry Mamuliya, Millimeter Film, Altamar Films, Tremora
  28. THE MAGIC CITY -  BIRMINGHAM ACCORDING TO SUN RA documentary (Belgium, France, Sweden) by Pablo Guarise and Guillaume Maupin, Naoko Films - Focus on Wallonia - Brussels
  29. THE RESERVE documentary (Argentina, Spain, Mexico) by Ezequiel Yanco, Isoi Cine, Lacima, Fiasco
  30. THE STATION fiction (Yemen, Jordan, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Qatar) by Sara Ishaq, Screen Project
  31. THEFT OF FIRE documentary (Canada, Palestine, France) by Amer Shomali, Intuitive Pictures Inc.
  32. THREE DARK NIGHTS fiction (Chile, Spain) by Theo Court, Quijote Films, El Viaje Films
  33. TRISTES TRÓPICOS fiction (Austria, Argentina) by Gastón Solnicki, Little Magnet Films, Filmy Wiktora, Primo
  34. TWINS fiction (Ukraine, Poland, The Netherlands) by Eva Neymann, Toy Cinema


16 Immersive projects (11 from Europe and 5 from around the world), including fiction, documentary, animation film and other interactive installation based experiences. All projects have secured 30% of their budget and have this financing in place.

Projects from Luxembourg & Wallonia-Brussels and Japan, the VPB Focuses 2024, are included in this line-up.

  1. 275 MILION BIRTHS AND DEATHS (Belgium, The Netherlands) by Zam Zadeh, Cassette for timescapes
  2. A CURE FOR STRAIGHTNESS (United States of America, France) by Cameron Kostopoulos, Kost, Floréal
  3. BODY/MEMORY (Germany, Italy) by Stefano Casertano, Daring House
  4. COLLECTIVE BODY (France, United States of America) by Sarah Silverblatt-Buser, Atlas V
  5. DEMARÉ, A SENSORY JOURNEY INTO THE DEPTHS OF THE OCEAN (Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Austria) by Emilia Sánchez Chiquetti, Presencias, Detona Cultura   
  6. DYSMORPHIA: PLAYING WITH REALITY (France, United Kingdom) by May Abdalla and Barry Gene Murphy, Floréal, Anagram,
  7. FIRST VIRTUAL SUIT (Japan) by Kazuki Yuhara, – (developed during BCCI 8) - Focus on Japan
  8. HARVEST (United Kingdom) by Matt Shaw, William Trossell, ScanLAB Projects
  9. LALALABYRINTH (WT) (Germany) by Pedro Harres, Reynard Films
  10. MUSEVA (Belgium, France) by Sergio Ghizzardi, Domino Production – Focus on Wallonia - Brussels
  11. RESONANZ  (Germany, Denmark) by David Adler and Ioulia Isserlis, Anotherworld VR
  12. TACHYCHRONIA (Luxembourg, Canada) by Gwenael François, Skill Lab - Focus on Luxembourg
  13. TEMPUS ALTERNA (Luxembourg, Canada) by Nimrod Shanit, Blimey, a_BAHN - Focus on Luxembourg
  14. THE ANCESTORS (The Netherlands) by Steye Hallema, The Smartphone Orchestra  (WildVreemd)
  15. TINY PEOPLE: PROLOGUE (United States of America, Brazil) by Ricardo Laganaro and Marcelo Marcati, ARVORE Immersive Experiences
  16. WHEN BROOKLYN WAS QUEER (United States of America, Australia) by Yasmin Elayat and Wadooah Wali, New Canvas


8 projects, that have been developed during the workshop of Biennale College Cinema Immersive, 8th edition, and that have reached different stages of development, pre-production and post-production.

  1. EDIFICE (Germany, United States of America) by Andreea Ion Cojocaru, Numena
  2. EPORIA, THE MOUNTAIN MERMAID (South Africa) by Kirstin Lee Grey Erasmus, Different Immersive
  3. KITCHEN OF MEMORIES (United States of America) by Mattia Casalegno, Flavor Five Studio
  4. LIBRARY OF DREAMS (Georgia, Germany) by Jane Rzheznikova, Less Media Group
  5. MNEMOSYNE (China, Japan) by Wuer, Wuerone Film Production
  6. MONS VENUS (Argentina) by Paula Orlando, Groncho Estudio
  7. PROPRIOCEPTIVE MEMORY (Australia) by Ben Joseph Andrews and Emma Roberts, Pernickety Split
  8. UNSCROLL.IT (Poland) by Joanna Murzyn,  Eternal Engine


3 projects, that have been developed during the first workshop of Biennale College Cinema, 12th edition, and that have reached different stages of development and pre-production.

  1. DOG DAYS OF SUMMER (Italy) by Camilla Carè, Piroetta
  2. JAYSAN (Kyrgyzstan) by Aisha Sultanbekova, Koyon Media
  3. THE FOREST (Hungary) by Bálint Kenyeres, Anabanana


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