Monday, 15 January 2024


The call for publishers and literary agents in the context of the Venice Production Bridge is open from 15 January to 28 May. A special Focus will be dedicated to the crime fiction/thriller genre.



On Monday January 15th (and through May 28th), the call opens for the ninth Book Adaptation Rights Market for publishers and literary agents, organized by the Venice Production Bridge, to be held from August 30th to September 1st 2024, as part of the 81st Venice International Film Festival (28 August – 7 September 2024) at La Biennale di Venezia.

At the close of the call, there will be a selection of 30 international publishers and literary agencies, which will have the opportunity to access a dedicated area in which to meet the producers attending the 81st Venice International Film Festival. They will be joined by the publishers and literary agents invited as part of the VPB FOCUS 2024. The winners of the call will be announced in June.

Unlike other world events dedicated to publishing connected with international film festivals, the Book Adaptation Rights Market (BARM) will allow the invited societies to bring their entire catalogues for the transformation of texts into screenplays.

Following the Focus on the Literature for children and young adults genre held in 2023, a special Focus will be dedicated at the 2024 BARM to the crime fiction/thriller genre.

The producers who will be registered at the 81st Venice International Film Festival with an Industry Gold Accreditation may request, on the website of the Venice Production Bridge ( in the area dedicated to the BARM), 30-minute meetings with the publishers and literary agencies selected for this edition.

These meetings will offer an opportunity to develop lasting relationships and to sign agreements for the film adaptation of novels, dramas, children’s books, short stories, graphic novels, essays, biographies, etc.

With this event, the Venice Production Bridge renews its vocation to develop and produce international and European audio-visual projects of various types.

The brochure for the Book Adaptation Rights Market with the description of every publishing company and literary agency and the titles they represent, will be sent to the producers by e-mail by early July 2024, to help them select the publishers and literary agencies they wish to schedule a meeting with. The VPB Office will organize these meetings based on the availability of the participants and the meeting schedules. A few days before the event, each participant will receive a personalised schedule of appointments.


The rules and conditions of the Book Adaptation Rights Market are as follows:

· The publishing company or literary agency must represent the audio-visual rights to the titles offered for film adaptation at the BARM.
· The publishing company or literary agency must have and provide a catalogue with a significant number of titles.
· The titles they present must be among the best sellers or new releases, yet to be published, with strong potential for film or television adaptation.
· Each title presented must have a translation or logline in English.

The call is open to European and international publishing companies and literary agencies for the following literary genres:
· Literature for children and young adults (general)
· Comic books
· Fiction / Narrative (general)
· Graphic novels
· Essays / Non-fiction (general)

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